Urgent Request for Volunteers

Many of us would agree that one of the most welcome recent initiatives was the re-introduction of the Youth Club.  The Yattendon & Frilsham Youth Group which meets in Yattendon Village Hall every Wednesday evening has proved very popular for 13-18 year olds not only in Yattendon & Frilsham but also from adjoining areas.

Since the initial grant secured by the Parish Plan team, Carole Lowe with her team has taken the Group from strength to strength obtaining significant extra funding to support a wide range of activities.  Carole’s work deserves the highest praise.  She is however deeply dependent on volunteer help in running the Group from 7.00p.m to 9.00p.m each Wednesday and with recent changes there is a very real need to recruit additional volunteers.  The commitment is not onerous, 2 hours attendance on average once per month but without more help the future of the Group cannot be assured.

IT WOULD BE A SERIOUS LOSS WERE THIS VALUABLE FACILITY FOR OUR YOUNG PEOPLE TO FOUNDER. We urge a few parishioners, therefore, to volunteer to support the Group.  Carole’s telephone is 01635 201177