M4 Motorway Noise – Junction 12 – 13

We have further information from The Highways Agency on the above topic.  As many of you are aware we have been pursuing this body ever since Parishioners raised the issue in the Parish Plan questionnaire back in 2004.

Highways Agency in a letter to Richard Benyon, M.P. has now said:-
“The road surface between junctions 12 and 13 of the M4 varies between the original hot rolled asphalt, which was laid when this section of the motorway opened in 1971, and relatively short stretches of carriageway which have been resurfaced in order to keep the carriageway in a safe and serviceable condition (but using lower noise materials).

We regularly inspect all the routes for which we are responsible and this information is used to plan a forward programme of maintenance.  This forward programme currently includes a proposal for resurfacing approximately 4km of both carriageways of the M4 between Winterbourne (west of J13) and Hermitage (east of J13) in 2012 and approximately 10km of carriageway near Frilsham between J13 and J12 in 2013.  Exact extents of the works have not yet been determined.

However, I must state, as we always do, that inclusion of any schemes in the planned forward programme of works does not necessarily mean that they will be carried out to the timescales indicated.  All planned maintenance works are subject to the provision of the necessary funding and may be deferred if maintenance requirements have to be reprioritized”.

So a plan with reservation but by continuing to press The Highways Agency we hope to see the laying of lower noise materials before too long.

Tom Bune